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The Best Gouda Cheese Brand: Everything You Need to Know!

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If you want to have an amazing cheese plate and to be the talk of the party, you need the best gouda cheese! With great cheese, comes great responsibility. But don’t worry, I’m here to help you pick out the absolute best gouda cheese brand so you can be sure you’re serving the best!

Here are some things to consider when buying the best gouda cheese brand: age, texture, taste, what you want to use it for, whether it’s sliced or whole, and the price. Gouda cheese can be aged anywhere from 4 weeks old to over 12 months old, which will affect the taste and what you want to serve it with!

The best gouda cheese brand will have a creamy flavor with a subtle hint of a nut or smokey flavor. If you’re slicing your cheese into rounds or wedges before serving, a good rule of thumb is 1″ thick max per person, that way each guest gets just enough without having too much leftover at the end!

Now that we’ve gone over a high-level overview, let’s get down into the details and what you need to know in choosing the best gouda cheese brand!

What makes Gouda Cheese so special?

Gouda cheese is well-known for its creaminess and buttery taste, but it also has a subtle nutty flavor to it. It’s best in small blocks that are about the size of your hand or smaller.

Gouda Cheese is known as ‘The King’ of cheeses. It is a special cheese and quite different from other cheeses.

Here are some interesting facts about gouda cheese:

  • Gouda more refers to how the cheese is made rather than the name of the cheese itself.
  • It is the oldest cheese in the world. Not literally, that would be some old cheese! The oldest known date gouda was made was found in 1184 in the Netherlands!
  • It is called Gouda because it was traded in Gouda, Italy, not because it’s made there
best gouda cheese brand

How is Gouda Cheese made? 

There are several steps in the gouda cheese making process. While each artisan cheese maker will have his or her own specific process, this is a basic high level look.

  • Step 1: Milk must be curdled and heated to specific temperatures. This is done with the help of rennet and lactic acid for a certain amount of time until it reaches its curdling point. A mass will form, called curds.
  • Step 2: The milk curds are drained and the whey, or remaining moisture, is removed. The curds then need to be washed in cold water so that it becomes smooth, elastic, and easier to work with. This process also removes any bacteria or mold from the surface of them. It can take up to two hours for this step alone!
  • Step 3: Next the curds are molded and pressed into a large vat for brining, where salt can be added.
  • Step 4: Salt helps slow down any unwanted bacteria growth and release the flavor!
  • Step 5:  A cheese coating is added and the cheese is left at room temperature to age.

Depending on the age, the more robust the flavor. The longer it ages, the more moisture is released and can affect the texture.

Important Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Gouda Cheese Brand

When it comes to buying the best gouda cheese brand, there are many different factors that you need to consider. There is a lot of confusion when it comes time for purchasing cheese because of the variety available and most people do not know where they should even start with this process.

Some important factors to consider are the age, the texture, price, milk type used, what you will use the cheese for, and what kind of taste you’re looking for.

Below is an outline of each one!


One important factor when looking at the best gouda cheese brand is to consider the age. Cheese will continue to ripen and change consistency as time goes on, so the best type of gouda cheese for you depends largely on when it was made. If you want a smoky flavor then aged cheeses are perfect but if you enjoy more mild flavors then fresh is your best option!

The age of gouda cheese is important as it plays a huge part in the flavor. Young, fresh gouda cheese is mild and sweet but becomes progressively stronger and potent with age, taking on a buttery and nutty taste.

The best way to determine how old your gouda cheese is, can be found by looking at its label! The date of production will tell you exactly how long ago this product was manufactured.

Younger Gouda cheeses are best eating on a sandwich or with crackers, which the older it is you’re better off pairing it with a nice red wine or a beer!

Texture and Taste 

The next factor in choosing the best gouda cheese brand is the texture and taste. The best gouda cheese will have a strong flavor and melt well in cooking or on the grill.

The texture of younger gouda cheeses is usually smooth and creamy, while Gouda cheeses that are aged for more than nine months can be crumbly, but this is not bad thing – it has just been allowed to develop its complex flavors over time!

The best tasting cheese is the one that melts easily without leaving a greasy feeling on your fingers or lips. The best way to find out what you like is to try some different varieties side by side.

As mentioned above, if you are looking for a mild taste you’ll want a younger cheese. For the more robust and flavorful preferences, go with an aged gouda cheese!

Milk Type

The type of milk used when making gouda cheese affects flavor, texture and how it ages.

Milk Type:
  • Cow’s milk is the most common type of milk used to make gouda cheese. While it provides a rich taste, best described as creamy or buttery, cow’s milk can change the color of the cheese to a yellow.
  • Goat’s milk is also a common type of milk used to make gouda cheese. The main difference between cow and goat’s milk is that it contains more fat than the former, which will help make the cheese harder. It can give gouda a more tangy taste and dry texture.
  • Sheep’s milk is the least common choice of dairy used to make specialty cheese, including gouda. Sheep’s milk has been described as a creamy mouthful, due to the high butterfat content. You can also see this cheese visibly sweat if left out at room temperature, due to the high fat content.


What do you want to use your gouda cheese for? Do you want to eat it with crackers or chips? Do you want to serve it with your favorite wine? Gouda cheese is a versatile snack for any occasion. Just make sure you are buying an appropriate brand!

You can serve gouda cheese with crackers, chips or fruits and vegetables such as apples and carrots. The cheeses will provide a different texture than the cracker which can be enjoyable for your guests to try out. Gouda cheese is also good with wine! Pairing gouda cheese with white wines like Chardonnay can create a sweet and tangy flavor. Gouda cheese can also be paired with red wine for a more savory taste.

Some people like to use gouda cheese in cooking recipes, such as macaroni and cheese or fondue recipes. Others may put the sliced gouda on top of vegetables to give them additional flavor!

What do you want to use your gouda cheese for? The possibilities are endless!

Sliced or Whole

You can buy gouda cheese either sliced or whole. Buyers should consider the packaging of their cheese carefully. Whole gouda will take up more space in your fridge, but it can last longer than sliced cheese. You also have to slice whole pieces yourself if you bought them without being pre-sliced and wrapped.

How to slice gouda cheese

To slice gouda cheese, cut it in half with a long knife. Slice into thin pieces and lay each piece flat to make sure they aren’t sticking together.

The best type of gouda for slicing is young or semisoft cheese that has been aged less than six months because the flavor will be milder and the cheese will be firmer!

best gouda cheese brand to pair with your favorites!

How do you store Gouda Cheese?

After you buy gouda cheese, you want to know how to store it for the best taste and to make it last longer!

  • First, gouda cheese should be stored at room temperature. If it is stored in the fridge or freezer, its flavor will change and can become bland.
  • Next, you want to store Gouda Cheese away from light so that it does not go bad faster due to exposure to light which causes unwanted mold growth!

4 of the Best Gouda Cheese Brands in 2022

The 4 best gouda cheese brands, in my opinion, are below. They have been aged and have lot of flavor!

Mill Dance Dutch Gouda Cheese 

Mill Dance Gouda Cheese is beautifully soft, creamy, and utterly delicious. The cheese has a butterfat content of 48% which gives it that creamy melt-in-your-mouth consistency. The Mill Dance Dutch Gouda’s beautiful amber color along with the red wax that covers the outside is alluring enough for any appetizer board or platter. It is imported directly from the Netherlands, but don’t worry about its long voyage to your table because Mill Dance shows no signs of mold- so you know when you purchase this imitation gold treasure that it will be delicious from top to bottom!

Beemster 6lb Quarter Wheel 

Beemster provides a delicious gouda cheese with flavors like whiskey, butterscotch and is very creamy. It is aged for about 2 years. This small Dutch family company has been in the cheese making business since the early 1900s.


The Roth Cheese brand is a pioneer in the cheesemaking craft, and they don’t plan on stopping any time soon. From production to finding new ways for their customers to enjoy their cheese, it’s what inspires them every day; from farmsteads like Red Barn Farm in Vermont to some of the oldest creameries in New York State, and all points between.

Roth Cheese is made with fresh, local Wisconsin milk and takes up to six months to cure. Roth Aged Gouda can also be paired with wine or an apple, pineapple, and peach jam trail mix for a cheesy delight.

This has become one of my favorites to enjoy!

Gift World 

Giftworld brings Castello Gouda cheese from Holland, 7 ounces of round mild and rich buttery cheese with no artificial coloring agents, flavorings or preservatives. This delicious Dutch block will melt in your mouth when sliced into thin strips for an appetizing experience that is perfect any time you want to enjoy something new! Enjoy this ultra-high quality product line on its own as it has the convenient shape of wheel ready to slice apart easily without crumbling instantly like some other cheeses do; then try cooking up recipes with these amazing blocks at home using them just about anywhere: grilled sandwiches (with ham), croque monsieur’s (served hot) & more! The premium milk sourced by local farmers makes all the difference with taste!

Gouda cheese is perfect for any occasion. I’m sure you’ll agree now! We’ve given you the tools to find the best gouda cheese brand out there so be sure to take a look at our article and let us know what you think! What are your favorite pairings with Gouda cheese and which brand are going to try? Share in the comments below!

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